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Suggested donation list for those who want many items to share with others
10  4oz  Rose Beautifying Creams - $150 plus shipping                                           32oz Rose Beautifying Cream - $139  
We have samples of Rose Cream, Pain Cream, for as little as $1 each, with a selection of at least $5, and shipping of $6.
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To order in bulk or to donate an amount of your choice, please click this link and follow the prompts: 
Rose Beauty Cream 10 8oz $300 donation  ($57 for 1 + $6 shipping)
Rose Beauty Cream  10 4oz $150 donation   ($30 for 1+ $6 shipping)
Rose Beauty Cream 10 2oz $110 donation ($16 for 1 + $4 shipping
Rose Beauty Cream 5 quarts $500 and includes shipping in US. Ck shipping costs to your country

Natural Herbal Lotion: 10 12oz for $300 donation; plus shipping
Pain Cream:  2oz, 10 for $170  donation or $35 + $6 shipping for one
Pain Cream: 4oz, 10 for $250 donation or $45 + $6 shipping for one
Pain Cream: 8oz, 10 for $400 donation or $67 + $6 shipping for one

For bulk orders, click the link above to enter our website, then type in your info and what you want. You do not have to     donate to Generosity if you do not care to, just click on donation amount, type in 00s or what you want to donate.

All shipping costs quoted are for US cities only and are approximate





Anoint yourselves with our Rose Beautifying Cream which people report has given them the most beautiful skin of their lives. This purified cream contains Superfoods and is as close as we can get to what was used in Biblical times. The purity of our items are confirmed by an independent lab. We make no claims for cures however. We do not exchange any of our items or accept returns for safety and purity reasons, but no worries, we can work something out if you have a problem, so don't worry.

Everything ships by First Class or Priority with delivery confirmation. Contact us for shipping for your country.


It is suggested that $6 is added for shipping if the donated amount is under $100. (For water, shipping is $13).
at the end, when it says, "Include a Message with Your Donation" type the item(s) you are donating for.
If you want to send a money order or check, make payable to Barbara Frank, and send it to: PO Box 5932, Bethesda MD 20824, along with a note specifying what you would us to send to you.
We are sorry but we must ask for an additional shipping charge for gifts shipped outside the USA, because we do not pay international shipping. Email us for the suggested amount for your country.

We reserve the right to offer our natural pure products to people we choose to offer them to.



Other Cleansers & Purifiers: 

Micro Clustered Mineral Water - contains 85 essential minerals 

Natural Herbal Lotion - People report it is more effective than anything they have used. Available for our local clients only.



People have told us that they used the Natural Herb Lotion in these ways:


  • Diluted 3 parts water with one part Natural Herbal Lotion to spray bed, under bed boards.
  • Diluted 3 parts water with one part Natural Herbal Lotion to spray themselves for protection against mosquito bites.
  • Dabbed Natural Herbal Lotion in their nose at first sign of a cold or virus.
  • Diluted and used to spray stale curtains and tablecloths and it works better than fabric sprays; it has no chemicals
  • Diluted and used to spray themselves after being outside and feeling grungy. It kills germs naturally and freshens body and clothes.
  • Diluted 5 parts water with one part Natural Herbal Lotion to spray pets once a week. and their feet after they come in from outside.
  • Diluted 3 parts water with one part Natural Herbal Lotion to spray overstuffed furniture, carpeting.
  • Diluted 3 parts water with one part Natural Herbal Lotion to spray on a paper towel and wipe down computer keyboard, work chair, phone, car seat.
  • Diluted 3 parts water with one part Natural Herbal Lotion to spray on a stain on clothing, even blood. They said if used immediately, stain disappeared completely.
  • Diluted 3 parts water with one part Natural Herbal Lotion to spray on a movie seat, train seat, bus seat, plane seat, hotel bed, hotel shower.
  • Diluted 3 parts water with one part Natural Herbal Lotion to spray on hands to clean them.
  • Diluted 3 parts water with one part Natural Herbal Lotion to spray on a grocery bags to recycle and prevent bugs that live in bags from infesting their house. Also used to spray on a paper towel to wipe off items from store that come from massive rat-infested warehouses.



Aqua Sauna Ionic Foot Bath



 It pulls cellular debris, inflammation, and it cleanses organs through ionized water on the feet which contain 15,000 nerve endings that go throughout the body. It causes intense relaxation as the body loves to be cleansed; it also pulls out parasites and heavy metals and it helps with weight loss. You must drink fluids after this cleansing. A $50 donation helps us maintain the equipment.        

The Rose Beautifying Cream is the ultimate beauty and moisturizing cream! This luxurious purified herbal cream helps clear away impurities and thus, beautifies the skin. This independently lab-tested pure cream is suitable for just about anyone, and the flower essences aid in cleansing the skin. All you need to do is massage this cream into your body and allow it to permeate the skin. It can be left on until the next bath. Some people say this cream helped regrow their hair and change the texture of it as well. Our members and friends absolutely love it!

The book "How To Take Ten Years Off Your Face & Add Ten Years To Your Life Naturally" by Barbara Frank, who is the noted Lymphologist and Holistic Health Practitioner with over 35 years of practical experience. She is the formulator of Lymphology Works' outstanding items. Discover the secrets to anti-aging naturally with this 293 page guidebook. Those who donate $49 will be sent this book and a link to Barbara Frank's international interview as a thank you gift. 


  Email to donate to this cause.



All items we give out come in different sizes, so feel free to request what size you would prefer us to send to you.

Barbara's Book:

The book is also available without the 1 hour international interview, whenever you send $39.




A  Healing  Place is spoken off as a pain/stress center, where people come to re-balance their body, mind, and spirit using principles taught by Jesus. We have been serving the community for 37 years thanks to our Natural Health Practitioner and one of our Pastors, ms. Barbara Frank. Ms. Frank is also a known speaker and Educator on health, and the author of "HOW TO TAKE 10 YEARS OFF YOUR FACE AND ADD 10 YEARS TO YOUR LIFE NATURALLY", which was nominated for the Nobel and Pulitzer Prize. She is also the author of "HOW TO STOP SMOKING TODAY". To further educate yourself, you can also see Monsters Inside Me on Youtube and Animal Planet, as well as Bug Brother, which are about how parasites eat us alive and invade our homes. 

Ms. Frank also offers consultations when people donate $175, which includes a lot of important information they need to know about health and wellness. She also offers a telephone consultation for those who donate $250 which includes 4 products. Thirty days of follow up are included in the second, but you are free to email her with any confusion you might have.

Once a month, it is okay to anoint your whole body with the Natural Herbal Lotion, because it helps cleanse the body. Due to popular demand, we just have the Extreme strength for the Natural Herbal Lotion.

We also do bulk donations


THANKS SO MUCH AGAIN FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT EVERYONE. Let everyone know about the super support the body gets from the natural power of organic Sacred oils and herbs from Christ's pantry. This information has been lost from our society. It is a shame as many could be helped.  Once you start doing this ancient cleansing you will notice what is feeding on your friends, children, loved ones and pets!!!!! 



Below is an image of a Demodex Mite from National Geographic. This mite is found in the hair follicle.




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