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3 John 1:2

"Dear friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well."


Psalm 30:2

"O Lord, my God, I called to you for help and you healed me."




Testimonials From People Who Came To Barbara



  These individuals were so happy with Barbara's aid, that they wrote these testimonials by hand and emailed them to her. They wanted to share their own struggles, as well as their successes with you all here!  




Dear Barbara,  In May of 2018 I developed a hard, ugly lump on my forehead the size of a marble. Barbara said it was the foot of a tumor inside my head the size of an egg, and if I had it excised it would grow back bigger. While I had no medical diagnosis, when she said she could treat it naturally and leave no scar, I somehow believed her. The treatment was messy and it was difficult to try to cover it with a bandage and my hair so I wouldn't[ constantly be asked about it, but I stuck with it. By August it was gone, and there was no scar. I am grateful. See before and after photos.




5/16/20 Good Afternoon, I had a consult with you back in January. Thank you for taking the time to educate and assist me. You requested that I provide you with an update, and that is the purpose for this email. I went to see an Iridologist mid-February and she wondered if the cancer x-rays were actually mine because she did not see evidence of Stage 3 Lung Cancer. She saw a fungus on the lung in the area that said was cancer. She did indicate that it could have been there, but the supplements and regiment that I was on may have alleviated it. I praise God for you because the supplements and regiment you recommended was a major contributor. She acknowledged that those were great supplements, and a great regiment that I was on as well. I have since gone back and we are continuing to rid my body of fungus, bad bacteria and parasites. Which leads me to the final point. A month after visiting with her, March 16 to be exact, as you had warned, a parasite that was lodged on the edge of my right breast came out — praise God!!!! The pictures are below of it, as I knew you would be interested in seeing it. My understanding is that this parasite would have been considered a tumor by the medical professionals. May you continue to be used by God to help others receive and walk in divine health and wholeness, in Jesus’ Name. A


Ms Barbara your consult should cost $10,000. I spent $500,000 trying to get well and you got we well for pennies compared to that. Anyone who comes to you should feel that the stars above and God have blessed them for they will receive the most valuable gift, health. Thank you eternally and I won't forget you.  SY, A multi millionaire


May 2023

Greetings Barbara I just want you to know how much I love the ozonated rose cream I've been using it on my scalp also and what I have noticed is that issues that I had with my hair falling out years ago that I thought I resolved as well as a spot on my cheek that I thought was resolved well before I began to use your products resurfaced and quickly began to resolve itself I am literally utterly amazed I was definitely a little concerned with some of the hair loss but that hair is growing back so quickly in those areas!!!!! I Also had a circular flat looking disc in between my eyebrows that definitely was prominent if I kind of squinted or frowned,Barbara it is absolutely gone! and the bugs are just flaking away! I just love you I am so grateful for you! I am grateful for all that you do and how you have made such a huge impact in my life much love to you always!

August 2018

Dear Dr. Barbara Frank, I told Laure about you! I have been listening to you for awhile now and really felt confident that you could help. She was having extreme migraine headaches daily for many, many years, among other things. She could barely stand or walk without bumping into walls, etc. I am so happy that I told her about you and convinced her to call. You shared with her some things she should stop doing and some things she should start doing. Within a day or so she was feeling so, so much better. The headaches have stopped and she hasn't even received the products you recommended. She and I can just imagine her health improvements when she begins the products. I believe in miracles, and this is truly a MIRACLE. Thank you so very much!


December 2019

I would love to claim 5 of those bottles of Silver Barbara, I had athlete feet for 25 years. I soak my feet in the silver for 10 days and now they are fine , Thanks Barbara! LB



December 2018

 God's timing is never wrong. My husband had close to 4 years of quality life with pancreatic cancer using your protocols and I am so grateful. We do know that his pancreatic tumor was gone and the Dr confirmed it. We believe that you were the angel that God sent. Between the nutrition, the info on Dr. Bert and everything else you did, I WIL be forever grateful. Proves that modern medicine may not be the answer after all.  I miss him desperately. We had no children and were together 53 years but I know. GOD used him on earth to talk about the success of your treatment and his faith. After being admitted to the hospital for another problem, he died unexpectedly from a blood infection that I believe he got at the hospital. Please feel free to use my words to help someone else. I am still giving out your website and Dr. Bert phone number. GOD BLESS YOU! L



December 2018

I had 5 brain tumors that caused me to be blind. I could not bear the possibility of someone going into my head and so I decided to go with your treatment, which was ridiculously inexpensive. Using your protocol, I was shocked and amazed to see all the tumors come out of my head. After they were gone, my vision returned.  I am now brain-tumor free and can see again and thank the Lord God daily for sending you to me. I feel like the most blessed person in the world. I tell everyone who will listen about what happened to me and am grateful for every day. 



April 2014

Ms Frank I had to write. When I heard about you I was dying. You have saved me. I thank you again and again. Cant believe I feel this good.  I have been feeling bad since 2001 when I was diagnosed with asthma. I had really given up on life when I met you, was making arrangements to die. I did not care how I look.  My hair was a mess. My nails were never done.  Now I find myself looking in the mirror, looking at my new found self.  I care about  how I look.  Got my hair done, did my finger and toenails. I have lost 10 pounds.  I need to know how long can I take the natural products? When I finish this batch.  Can I get another one?  I have told  everyone about you and your healing.  But they do not believe me. They all knew I was dying though. I gave a friend some of the pain lotion, she said her hands and feet has stop hurting. Thank you for being the person you are, for wanting to help other people like me who had no hope.
Thanks, Thanks
Mary  (Atlanta)
June 2018
This is a testimonial for Daria Long who I heard of through Barbara Frank. Daria helped me get rid of a problem that had plagued me for 50 years. I felt intuitively that she was the one who could help me and I was right. Just want to sing her praises. 


Hi Barbara,

My sincere apologies for the delay, I’ve been incredibly sick for the past week and wasn’t even able to make it downstairs to get the package. My father came over today and Brought it up to me. With the first sip of silver water I almost started to cry, it was like a huge weight was suddenly lifted from me- I cannot believe how quickly it started to work. I’m walking around the house, with tears in my eyes because of how much better I feel for the first time in years. My knees instantly stopped clicking and popping, my allergies suddenly decreased and cleared my head. I have looked over absolutely every detail you’ve sent for food and diet. I started to immediately implement all of those changes. As it is just my first day with the products, I will keep you updated as much as possible!! Thank you so much Barbara. I cannot tell you how genuinely grateful I am, you are truly a miracle.  Love ~C


April 2018
Dear Barbara,

I try to live my whold life in gratitude, so I.m grateful for the opportunity of ridding my body of paracites, even though the process is most unpleasant.  I'd like to share some observations with you.  I grew up in the country runnig barefoot, so my feet are filled with paracites and have been for a long time.  My stepmother made fun of my feet and said I was tryig to grow a sixth toe on each foot.  Next to my little toes are calloused growths that are paracites that I hope I can finally get rid of.  I have been a massage therapist for 30 years and massaging people with bare hands and absorbing parasites from all of them and giving them my paracites. I just found that out when I met you.


I'm also now convinced that all my ear infetions were brought about by paracites because the infestation in and around my ears aree mind boggling.  There are row after row of paracites that have attached to my ears pinning the lobes down, inside the ear canals, inside my ear lobes etc,


The other thing I've noticed in everywhere  there are creases in my body appears to be a paracite opportunity.  Where my legs are attached to my torso are row after row of paracites.   My butt crack has been resculpted by paracites.  From my current prospective it appears never ending.


I've stated to use undiluted RBC on my arms and breasts and that has been amazing.  My breasts have changed shape as the paracites release their hold.  Also does thi mean my creapy skin will disappear as the creatures exit?


I've had brown spots on my face removed and tested by a dermtologist.  At no time are paracites mentioned by the medical community.  I find this baffeling. I feel very blessed to have been guided to your practice.  Your products are miraculous and filled with care and love.  Thank you for your gifts. I have worked hard all my life starting with summer job farmwork at age 12.  The last 15 years have been the hardest forcing myself to wok day and night with very little sleep through sheer willpower.  To not have a job now is hard for me to fathom, but I think it's a well deserved break.  The fact that attemps to get back in the work force meet with resistance is not lost on me.  I'm using this time to heal and regroup and feel God has a plan.  I've lost a lot of respect for the medical community and think they need a new model, Have some food questions,  I plan on reading Dr. Guthrie's book but in the meantime ripe bananas, grapes,  and coffee are not listed on the eat or don't eat food list.  I take that to mean they're not recommended so consume at your ow risk. Also when you talk about peroxide, do you mean hydrogen peroxide? With much gratitude and love, L


April 2015


My testimonial is not finished as I am a work in progress, but I feel so much better taking just the ginger and colloidal silver.  My Parkinson's fatigue is nonexistent and my internal plumbing works beautifully.  My body appreciates the ginger like manna from heaven.   My Parkinson's Disease is progressing very slowly and 5 years post Dx I am still living a full life.  Thank you, Barbara, for all that you do for all of us!

April 2015


I had lumps in my breasts that hurt, my right one more than my left.
Barbara made me aware that this was something really bad and she
taught me how to get rid of them with her products. The things that felt
like lumps came out smelly, awful and scary looking, and some of them
crusted out, but the lumps all went away. I know this was something really
bad, but from using these natural products, I found healing. Now it's like
a horror story behind me and I feel very blessed to have survived it. E.
Dear Barbara, I want to give testimony what using your products has done for me. The package became part of my life 4 months ago. After following the instructions I have seen some awesome improvements. The swelling of my ankles has totally disappeared and the veins in that area have disappeared about 80%. My thinning grey/brown hair has some hair growing in spots that were bald. I am no longer loosing my hair and it is getting fuller and healthier looking. I have used the lymph cleanse for washing my hair also. On the top of my nose I had several brown spots that had gotten darker as the years went by. About 1/8 inch by ¼ inch. In 1990, a skin doctor told me it was cancer and wanted to remove it surgically. It was smaller and lighter then. Today it is much lighter after using your products and I know that it will be gone before long. Even if it takes another 6 months, I just never knew that there was a product that would get rid of it! I have tried other products also that did not work. Using the Rose Cream sure has helped my skin also on these cold winter days as it has always gotten dried out with my big old radiator heat because of the dryness in my home and I also see that my skin's imperfections and sores have improved and I have a healthier looking skin. I was out in the sun a lot of my years, with work, gardening and outdoor sports so it was sun damaged. It was a strange feeling the first times I used the Cream and also the herb lotion as I did not dilute them enough and those parasites did come out and I had those white patches around my hair line and ears. In regards to our recent talk about glaucoma, I did what you suggested and the pain went away after 2 days plus the inflammation and badly bloodshot eye have settled down. Thank you for your response to me as I was really concerned that day is it happened so fast. Your colloidal silver has been a blessing to me and others that I have shared it with. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your passion in helping others and sharing what you have learned in your life with us. I will continue to use your products and give more testimony as the improvements take place and I know they will. Thanks much Barbara. Pat


September 8, 2015
Testimonial for the shampoo: I used it to wash my hair in the shower and when I came out the entire downstairs smelled like the rainforest, and I am intoxicated by the smell. It lasted several days, just in time for my next shampoo. My hair is thicker and nicer too but I never want to lose that smell. Now I shower and wash my hair with it. A
  September 2015 
My Testimony: I started using Barbara's products 4 years ago. Everything I have ever purchased from her is the best natural stuff thus far. The lymphatic cleanse is the bomb! My significant other and I brush our teeth with this product and he noticed the next morning that his breath doesn't smell bad at all and it gives you a clean silky feeling. I use the lymphatic product as a body wash, shampoo, on bug bites, and as a stress tension in the body. I 'm in love with the EPN water w/ silver. I had a really bad yeast & bladder infection after taking pharmaceutical for a respiratory infection. THIS STUFF WORKS!!! I refused going back to the doctor for another problem. I use it for pimples, sore throat, eye drops, even if I feel like I'm coming down with an illness and douche mechanism for the vaginal & anal. I can't tell you how much I love this product. It works wonder! I purchased a bottle for my dad after his surgery so he can heal faster. I'm looking forward to spread the word about Barbara's product and also be healed from a lot of other things that plagued me for many years. Thank God for people like Barbara!!! Angie from VA
   September 1, 2014

Dear Barbara,

I want to thank you and wish you a very happy holiday. I have an awesome testimonial for you about this silver. I had just wanted to have it in case Ebola made its way here. Well, I know its good for many, many things. Still, I am amazed what it did for my mother. It cleared up an abcessed decubitus ulcer & bartonella flare-up that had not been responding to antibiotics. One minute she was running a temp, then an hour later it would drop down lower than normal. I was very afraid she was going to have to go to the hospital. All they want to do is surgical debridement and IV antibiotics. They already said that even though its a minor surgery, at 91, she might die on the table under the general anesthetic. I don't want to risk that! I'm, once again, very grateful to you! All traces of the infection are gone after just 3 days. No more drainage,  inflammation, redness, hotness or bartonella stretch marks. Her temp has returned to her normal 97.9°F  & she is resting comfortably.  Many Thanks, DL




Barbara when I was referred to you we had a flea problem that just would not go away. My daughter had had the place sprayed commercially several times and still they persisted. With your assistance, we were able to eliminate the bugs after about two months of diligently following your instructions. I can't thank you enough. That was my worst nightmare and no more cats for me.



Barbara, I wanted to let you know that your treatment is nothing short of amazing. After leaving your place I felt profoundly healed and grounded and felt a sense of ecstasy that I have never known. It lasted a full three days and I felt I was walking on clouds. You truly healed every pain in my body and I feel whole and complete for the first time in my life. I also got a lot of great ideas after visiting you. Wherever did you get this magic? I can't wait to have it again. C.
Barbara ~ testimonial:
I applied the butter salve (Rose Beauty Cream) to lesion as soon as I received 
the order.
Within a few hours I felt
'swiggly' sensation ......
at one week sufficiently smaller.
Now even smaller....
I am down to a tiny dab in the center
with a que tip. Amazing !
JMT / Arizona
Thank you so much. Have been using the butter
on skin and it is wonderful.


August 2014
Dear Ms Frank
I was in very bad pain when I met you and started using your
products. You told me to soak in the Lymph Cleanse and then
rub in the pain cream. After I did that a couple of time I started
feeling all these thousands of bugs coming out especially where
the pain was. I started rubbing the pain cream all over my body
and felt many many bugs coming out all over my body, ecpecially
where the varicose veing were and the pain. The varicose veings
are almost gone after doing this a  month and they don't hurt
anymore. I really enjoy seeing them
come out of my body.

I had my mom who had cancer do the same and lo we were rubbing
bugs out of her for hours, just her and me. I used gloved like you told
me, and the more we rubbed, the more bugs came out. This is just
to let you know we are both so much better and want to THANK YOU
with all our hearts. There is nothing like being out of pain after years of
being in pain. Jan
Hi Barbara,
I wanted to let you know that all my life my hair would not grow more than one inch and this has been a curse and source of agony for me until I met you. My friend who came to you grew her hair with your products and I felt it would not help me but I had to try it. Well after one year, I have grown my hair 9 inches using your products. I am so happy I could scream. If I can continue to grow my hair 9 inches a year I will soon be looking like you. Thank you for solving this horrible embarassing problem for me. I no longer have to wear dreads in my hair and my hair grew in silkier than it was before. Love you and your products. I am writing this letter to help those like me who felt their hair would never grow. Don't give up girls. It works!
August 2015
After years of trying to find a cure for my Morgellons, I found your treatment which has been the only thing that has worked for me. The fibers-like substances came out of my body, some of them had a small worm inside. Never seen anything like it, but no dr could help me, and finally after years of being told it's in my head, my skin is free of the alien bugs that were coming out of me. I had scarred myself really badly pulling them out, but you told to just kill them and the scars would go away. That was true. I am thankful for your natural progrom that freed me from the misery of Morgellons.
May 2013
 to whom it may concern..
 my name is TRELION M.  of orlando, fla..  I am writing to give witness to
real  healing through the products Brabara frank provided for me..

i used the parasite treatment that cleaned me of many different types, colors, and sizes of worms, and fungus along with it... i know for sure as i could see all this horible gunk in my toilet bowel...

i also used the "rose beautifying cream and Natural herb lotion" to clear away
PRE-CANCER  and CANCER spots on the backs of my arms and hands..this cancer evidently was from many sun burns from my youth days... doctors
kept taking the spots off but they just  kept coming back so that was not much use..

Babara frank was providing people with real healing products.  drug companys only provide posion that only give temporary relief of symtoms and with serious side effects...

I thank God Almighty for people such as MS. Frank..Thank you
Babara, we all love you and pray for you...Trelion m.
My mother had the horrible flesh eating disease. My heart broke to see the skin
come off when she was bathed. She suffered horribly with the pain. A friend told
me about Barbara. I got the Rose cream and gave it to the nurse who bathed my
mom and told her to use it. Do you believe it, it got rid of all the sores and falling
skin. My mom's skin healed and is now beautiful. This was a miracle from God for
our family. It has also made my skin fresh and beautiful again. We will always use it.  
March 2013
I have been struggling with my health since I was a child. At 8 years old
I began projectile vomiting and battled severe dizziness. My skin was yellow
and sallow and I had depression and chronic fatigue. I had a learning disability
and struggled to remember the simplist things. Even at a young age, I knew this
was not normal. My mother took me to a Doctor who was baffled, and because he
did not know what to do otherwise, he just gave me an antibiotic. 
This health trend stayed with me for the majority of my life. I have been searching
for the root cause of this ailment this entire time. At 36 years old, I can say with
confidence I left no stone unturned. As an adult female I have lived with Endometreosis,
fibrocystic breast, candida over growth, depression, debilitating fatigue, anemia,
inflammation of the gut, water retention, hair loss, food allergies, excess weight,
neck pain, abdominal pain, acne, to name a few. I was beginning to make peace and
accept this level of existance but deep down held onto hope of an answer. I knew that
parasites could very well be a core root cause, but after seeing a lead specialist and
spending $20,000 and still not feeling better my heart had some doubts. Was it me? 
I would still keep my faith that the answer was coming. I met Barbara by happenstance,
or accident while searching the internet. She aggreed to speak with me and I felt compelled
to begin a program with her. Her approach is so comprehensive, unlike anything I have
ever tried or heard about. I was excited but still guarded because of past disappointments.
Like a lot of people she treats, I noticed a huge difference within a week. I have passed
some of the largest worms I have ever seen, I was in shock and amazed at the same time.
Little by little I noticed some positive changes. My hair quit falling out after I applied the
herb lotion to my scalp every night. I was sleeping well for the first time ever. My digestion
was improving. I felt like I was finally starting to get nourishment from my food. After the first
few weeks on her program I decided I had to meet her and have treatments because I was noticing
such profound changes. I recently had 3 body treatments with Barbara. I was so happy afterwards
and felt a huge shift in my body, almost as if the blockages were removed and I had a flow of energy.
I have so much appreciation for her and her pure soul. She cares so much and loves what she does
and it translates in the positive way your body responds. She is someone I trust and look up to. I
will never forget her and her generous heart. I would recommend her to anyone whether your health
challenge is big or small, she is a true healer! I have full confidence I am on the path to health and
a quality of life I have never known! Beyond all that she has restored my faith in the power of healing.
The world needs her!
 A. Seattle, WA
My daughter came to visit and along with her came a bedbug problem. I tried all kinds of sprays, exterminators and they persisted. Barbara you guided me and showed me how to get rid of the monsters. Whenever I want to see my daughter now I go visit her and use your protocols to keep her bugs away from my house. Thanks. A.


Dear Barbara,
I'm just dropping u this note to say thank you. I had anesthesia in my body and as a result

my skin went from beautifully smooth to 'creased' and I was not happy.  I was listening to a 

dr. on the net and she recommended ur cream. I've used it along with the herbal wash and 
they're nothing short of miraculous. Thank you is not enough so I'll just have to replenish my stock.  What a life-changing product! 


Thank you Barbara !


I read thoroughly last night all the important material
you sent. I am so with you on all of it....even the things which
are off the market....was introduced to them in the 70's living in Mexico
and continued use in the US up until a few yrs. ago....when they disappeared for
a more lavish contraption which I do not use. All of your material is right
on and I am so blessed to have found you. May you continue with your
light to help others with your remarkable material and products.
I know you are one of the current lightworkers on the planet.
God bless you abundantly.  JT

I had stress and distress because my hair was falling out in chunks. Every time I washed it

I lost more hair. My friend Jerry told me about you and I could not believe when I met you

how long, thick and beautiful your hair was not to mention that you are gorgeous for your

age. I felt there was hope for me. I used your products and parasites started pouring out of

my scalp, but I did not care because my hair stopped falling out. This was two years ago and

my hair has grown 23 inches in two years. I LOVE YOU AND YOUR PRODUCTS! They are off

the chain. I wish every woman in America could discover what you have and I am so grateful

that I found you and was open to what you know because it is all true. People need to wake

up and realize there is a better way and that it is all natural just as GOD intended for us.  E.


Hi Barbara,
My Dad had ALS, Lou Gerig's Disease and could not move a muscle and was confined to a hospital bed, just
wasting away. Someone told me they believed you could help him and so six of us strong men got together and
brought him in the hospital bed to you. After you worked on my Dad, he was able to sit up and feed himself. Second
time he became even better. This disease made him very depressed and saddened my family greatly. I just wanted
to thank you for your contribution to his improvement. Warren


Dear Barbara,

Boy I have missed you:) I do hope you are doing very well Barbara. I have thought and prayed for you often.

My program is going strong. I am still sober and will be celebrating my second year on June 25th. I feel wonderful.

I have been practicing your suggestions and using my lotions and creams religiously. A day is not the same without

my rose cream. So that leads me to business then. I am in need of your Maximum strength rose cream (you made

some extra strong cream I believe you wrote us about per request), and that wonderful bitters. The maximum strength

cream I believe I can stretch it out longer. Also note that I want to get the 32 oz. product if it's in stock. I would like to

get as much as I can of these products. I  also am interested in any samples or product suggestions you may have.



Particularly with my liver, lymph, and kidneys in mind.
Attached is my family for your enjoyment. I want you to know that my wife and I are deeper, and healthier in love this

year more than ever before. A large portion is due to the strength I feel physically and mentally. I attribute that to my

life choices which include risking trying what you are doing. I thank God each day I did. You are blessed with a gift and

I and my family are recipients of that treasure. I truly know what I am saying about your gifts because of the proof

in my health. My skin is glowing, muscles growing, brain is thinking, and heart is loving. Thank you for your contribution to my joy.



August 2013
Thank you Barbara for the Rose Cream. I shared it with my daughter also my grand daughter 6 year old who
had few white spot on her face . i applied some for her also . i take turmaric every day in my drink 3x .half
teaspoon each time. My husband had severe allergy to grass broke out in like hives every time he cut grass.
after using the cream for 2 weeks 2x daily allergy was gone.

I, and my two brothers and our families all use Barbara Frank's products.  The Herb Lotion has restored our hair, 
it has helped the body remove toxins, among other things like using it for deodorant.  The Rose Cream is a big 
favorite of my brother Paul.  He uses it each and every day.  It soothes his sun drenched skin.  I love it for the skin 
smoothing features.  My skin has a beauty to it from the Rose Cream which appears to be reversing age.  John, my 
younger brother and his wife use it to rub out painful knots in their back and upper legs.  My older brother has used 
the Pain Cream to help remove pain causing toxins and microbes.  I have used it when my skin itches so bad that it
actually hurts.  The Pain Cream brings relief to me.

Our family is dedicated to Barbara and her products.  She is a blessing to us.
Best wishes,



Nov. 28, 2012


Hi Barbara, Real quick, I forgot to tell you the poking and itching I've been suffering from 

as a result of my mold infestation are at least 70% gone since I came to see you. I can't tell

you the relief after almost 10+ months of suffering. I hardly have to take Bendadryl and I can

wash some clothes only twice with ammonia and baking soda or borax and don't have to throw

my clothes away because of the micotoxins as I had been doing before I came to you. I used your

stuff and what Dr Croft told me. Also my breast lump is mostly gone. Thank God for you. P




June 2012


Hey Barbara,

You know the pain cream you gave me? I mentioned to my family that it got rid of my pain and
my sister sneaked into my room and used it. Next thing I know my cream is disappearing. I finally
had to buy her a bottle to keep her out of mine. It works great, just rub in a little and pain magically
disappears and stays gone for days. Whatever is in it is a miracle. I want to never be without it.



To:     August 28, 2012


Dear Barbara,

Your Pain Cream has been a life-saver.  It has been the only thing that has taken the pain out of my cracked heels,
 unless I want to use a toxic steroid cream, which I do not.  And, I continue to use it day after day. If I didn't have 
your pain cream, I would not be able to walk due the intense pain. You keep making this stuff, it's fabulous. 
 Thanks again.
At the end of 2008 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I went through the usual prescribed treatment of chemo,
surgery and radiation. Then a friend of mine introduced me to Ms Frank. I booked an appointment and went to see
her with my mom. She analyzed my situation and suggested supplements including some of her own products and I
believe that herbal lotion were very helpful to my recovery, especially with detoxing from the chemotherapy. Energy
wise I felt better. I lost some of the weight that I had gained from chemo and I recommend this for everyone.
Unfortunately, some people are hesitant to try alternative treatments. After going through all that, I wish I had met
Barbara earlier before all that chemo and radiation because I read testimonies from people who did not go through
all that but just did her treatments and recovered from them like I did. E.
Dear Barbara,
Oh Barbara....I would really be honored to have you use ANY of my comments on your website.
I don’t mind at all! You have been a constant for us and you don’t know how great it is to know a
real professional of natural health who is “watching out” for us!!! You have a huge book of knowledge
in your head and heart and so freely share that with your people. I don’t know where anyone like you
could be found, but am so glad God led us to YOU! I do pray you won’t get stressed out as you go about
spending hours caring for the sick and always keeping contact with them! I don’t know how
you do it....but thankful you have equipped yourself to do that which no one else would do. And that is
“going the extra mile” in finding ways to treat folks who depend on your expertise.


YOU are so smart! Wowie!  I do think my husband  will be convinced to give this a try.  That won’t be a problem.

Maybe I will try this too!!! I really am excited to get this regime started. Your suggestion beats $25,000 and traveling, staying over several weeks... in a heartbeat!

Again, our gratefulness for your constant concerns for R’s health and being active in getting healthful  info to us.
You are better than any ordinary m.d., health book or the like!
Date: Wed, 29 Aug 2012 22:58:22 -0400

I highly recommend your pain formula cream - it relieves pain very quickly and is really effective on many different types 
of pain.  I experienced fast relief treating pain from a re-occuring abscess in my gum - which doctors and dentists
 diagnosed as a problem with an old root-canal.  They all recommended that I have the tooth pulled/removed and replaced with an artificial implant at a cost of $4,500.
I'd had a small cyst in the tissue of my left cheek - hardly visible, near the nose - for many years ..... and my intuition
 had always told me that the cyst was related to the sinus infections that I'd had for many years.
The years of sinus infections were painful enough, but now with the added pain from the gum abscess - I had the cyst
 surgically removed a few months ago - and the gum abscess and the sinus infections disappeared.
Your pain formula cream made the pain totally disappear - and, I don't know what I would have done without it.
I was tired of the pain - and was very closed to letting the doctors remove the tooth and replace it with a $4,500 implant.
Your cream allowed me to make the rational choice of following my intuition - which was the right thing to do- and, saved 
me $4,500 in unnecessary dental work - and, would not have stopped the gum and sinus infections or the pain.
 Thanks, again !!!

Hello Barbara, I bought a quart of your Rose Beautifying Cream and shared

with my husband and children by spooning it into the empty Rose Cream jars

we had already. In the process I spilled two tablespoons on the floor. My dog 

takes an unnatural interest in this product and he quickly ran over and licked up 

the spilled cream.  That day, he had to go to the bathroom more than usual and

each time I took him, he pooped out these huge long worms the size of a pencil.

I became so horrified, I stopped letting him come in the house. For three days he

pooped out all kinds of worms, and suddenly he was like a new dog. No more laying

around all day. He became frisky. I love the cream for myself and my family but had 

no idea of its power. It has made my skin totally glorious and made my old dog young again!!!



Hi Barbara

I wanted to do my part in helping you, the way you have helped me. 

When I began seeing you in 2006 I had numerous health concerns.
Issues that I had been struggling with and sought out medical attention

for, since my teen years. The reason I decided to come to you is that I

was not getting satisfactory answers for what I was diagnosed with, acid reflux. 

This problem would at times become so severe that I would not be able to

eat or stand up straight for weeks due to the pain. My Primary Care referred

me to see all types of specialist and have all types of test, but the end result

was the same. No one could truly tell me what was causing the pain in my

stomach to be so awful and the medications prescribed would either not work

at all , give little relief or none at all. So finally I decided to come to you with what

I call my laundry list of concerns. You began working on me and having me to

use your products regularly. I have been using your products now for about 5

years and they have become a must have in my household. I have not had a

so called acid reflux attack since using Para Cleanse, my years of having skin

discoloration have cleared up, the exzema on my legs is gone due to the effectiveness

of your herbal lotion and rose cream. I have notice great changes in my body. I

remember having a visit with you where you encouraged me to massage and

work on my breast at home. I followed your instructions and about a month after

you recommended this to me, something happened. I noticed that a worm shape

appeared beneathe my skin on my breast. Scary to see at first almost unbelieveable. B

ut there it was and 2 days later I would see this worm disappear from beneathe my skin

and appear in my stool. This experience cause me to continue to work on my breast and

it has happen the same at least 2-3 other times. I personally want to "Thank You" for educating

me on Parasites and the damage that they cause to our bodies. The information has truly been

beneficial. Many thanks and blessing's to you.
Timeka 2011 




My name is Bernadette. I have been an extremely satisfied customer of Ms. Frank. Since

I have been a vegetarian for most of my adult life, I am always seeking homeopathic/all naturals

ways of improving my life. Our son, Khalil has been diagnosed with ADHD. I have always been

skeptical of the long term effects of commercial drugs. Thus I have turned to alternative (usually

all natural, organic) means to address health issues. Since meeting Ms. Barbara Frank and

administering her parasite cleanse on a consistent basis with our son, I have seen a dramatic

decrease in his hyperactivity. Additionally, he seems calmer and more focused. He also sleeps

better and tells me that he feels better. I have also taken the parasite cleanse and seen a dramatic

change in my body chemistry and skin tone. I have always been prone to break outs/acne. When I

consistently take the parasite cleanse tablets my skin clears up, my digestive tract becomes less

congested, and I also feel calmer and more focused. Ms. Frank's beauty cream is outstanding. 



My skin feels and looks younger than it is. Additionally,

Ms. Frank's mineral water helped me heal much faster after surgery than my doctor had

advised. In fact, he told me that whatever I am taking, I should continue to take because it

was healing me so well. I have never tried products that have had such a phenomenal/positive

effect on me. After an overall body cleansing with Ms. Frank, my body never felt better. It

would truly be a shame for someone to stop the progress of Ms. Frank's wonderful work. She

is a fantastic all natural healer. 

Mrs. Bernadette 


Dear Barbara Frank, Aug 8, 2011


I am saddened to hear that your rights are being trampled upon and your space invaded. I am a customer

who truly believes in the healing of the Paracleanse. I was referred to you early in 2011 when a G.I. test

came up positive for intestinal parasites for the third time in a row after trying antibiotics to kill them. 

The antibiotics killed some types but wiped out my natural intestinal flora (good bacteria and good yeast) 

causing a candida (pathogenic) yeast overgrowth. Taking Florastor, a probiotic non-pathogenic yeast that

helps restore the balance in the intestines was helping at first but then stopped and my candida and leaky

gut syndrome symptoms increased. They included, severe gas and bloating after meals, headaches, severe

fatigue no matter how much exercise i got, issues with memory retrieval, facial and body acne, issues sleeping,

frequent colds and illness, pain in joints and fevers about once a month. 



After taking my first round of paracleanse, I noticed a significant improvement in my digestive abilities, energy

level, and health. It was the first time I was not sick for three months straight for over two years!

Unfortunately I will not have access to the one thing that was cleaning all parasites out of the body and allowing

for healing of the candida as well. I am about to start a teaching career and don't know what i will do if I do not

have access to supplements that have the healing power i need. Barbara Frank should have the right to sell her

products and describe their purposes as well as I and everyone have a right to buy them! I tried antibiotics and

they made me worse! ~Rabiah Muhammad



Testimonials about Experiences with Barbara: In 2004, I became very pain- filled
in my right hip and pain down the front of my leg to the point where I  was unable
to walk on it or lie in bed. I could not work, and was a pathetic
sight as every movement I made was unbearably painful. Also a problem from my
left knee from teenage years flared up again. I Could not attend the family reunion,
I used a cane and a crutch, and sometimes a walker. I had put a down payment on a nursing home,
because I did not think I would be able to work anymore or do for myself. After I went to Barbara Frank,
I never looked back and never went back to get it. About 7 months later, they called me and asked me
when I was coming in. Back to the story, a friend recommended I go see Barbara Frank I was on 3 pain
meds, percoset, 800 mg naprosen. I called her late at night. I made an arrangement to get in.
I had gotten a cat scan from my doctor who said I had a herniated disc and need hip- and knee-
replacement surgery. Any movement I made was  unbearably painful. Barbara explained to me about
parasites in my body. Also I had a problem from gallbladder and colon. She suggested that she would
give me a treatment. I was on the table for 45 min to an hour, she said it was longer. From that moment,
I have experienced very little pain. I had taken very little painkillers except aspirin. My entire life has changed.
I limped for three years,had to sleep on my knees because of the pain. I have no limp anymore.
I used to have to get out of my car and walk around about every hour, the pain was so excruciating.
I say to anyone suffering with pain today that you need to see Ms. Barbara, you need to let
her explain to you about parasites. My life has changed, I thought my life was over at 65  and I just
started living again; I just got married. Harry


I am a lady living in a Alexandria and for the past five years I was experiencing pains and other concerns.
I have been to doctors and admitted to hospital once. I can't take any medications; they make me sick.
They gave them to me for hypertension. I told the doctor this made me sick and told him I cannot take
these chemicals. A friend and her husb introduced me to Barbara because my mother had some kind of flesh eating disease.
She had big pockets of sores all over her body that oozed and would not heal. It was a great source of distress for all the
family. I used Barbara's Rose cream, and after trying everything, every one of them healed. I have pictures of the sores.
The reason they told me about her is because of my mom, who was very sick. So I went there, to get her products and when
I saw how young and beautiful she is, and she told me she is close to sixty, I had the treatment too. My skin problem is
gone. I have lost a lot of weight, hair is growing and in fact,  since that time, I am the happiest person on earth.
I feel well. Her treatments have helped me tremendously. I told my brother whowas very ill to go there and he had one
treatment and has been well ever since. My brother visited from me from Africa. I have sent four of my friends and they
all gotnmiraculously well. She is very good and no one will ever regret going to Barbara. She has helped me and and my friends so much. I will use her Rose cream all my life, it made me look young again.   Julie



I was diagnosed with Lupus in 1982. I felt life leaving me daily. I told her on the phone before I went there that nothing would help me. Once I went to Barbara Frank, I felt 100% better, totally well. I felt an all around feeling of wellness that I  had thought I would never feel again. My pain was much less. Her products made my  pain nil. The Lupus is in remission.  I am getting things done that I have not been able to do for a  long time. I even   bought a new house. I can exercise and have not  been able to do that for  a long
time as I had no energy whatsoever. I have my life  back. Thanks to Barbara. I really felt the difference and still do. I just bought a  new house when the thought of all the work involved with moving was unthinkable when I  was sick. Robbie



I was diagnosed with MS, was falling, blurring my speech, could not function. My world   was panic, as each day I seemed to get worse.
I met a woman who told  me just go  to Barbara, and your problems will be over.  I could not even drive  my car.
I called her immeidately as I was desperate. She saw me soon after,  and after one treatment, I stopped slurring and falling.
I went back to work  a few days later after being off work and in bed for four months.
I sent my  sister who was disgnosed with periferal artery disease.   Both are   thriving and  doing well.
My mother had been exhaused, and is now back to her life after seeing Barbara. This woman is real and her treatments work.
She has given me my life back. I thank God  every   day for her.  She has assisted me to relieve stress, tension
and improve my state of  being. Angie



The treatment has really made a difference as  far as my movements and cleanliness of  my body.
The detoxing is feelable and  visible. The herbal meds I have received from her have  made me   more conscious
and healthy and changed my life for the better.   Wayne 



I had purchased some herbal lotion for my hair that was supposed to get rid of baldness but, it did not work. Barbara's product worked so quickly that I am very thankful and excited about it. I have used
lots of things that  are on the market, spent lots of money on worthless  products  that delivered  no hair. My hair grew very quickly with Barbara's herbal lotion.


This is Barbara's senior citizen patient. She has been working with me a bout a year.
I am more than pleased: I look much younger, my hair is  growing back which I thought would never happen. I am so pleased. My skin has drastically improved, signs of aging have vanished and I look  in the mirror and say, could this be me? I will continue to go to her  because she makes me feel and look great. Mother E.  


Barbara, 10/09


i have been on this path all my life, the last 20 years
being a forward one to health. now, with your help
it's skyrocketing to it! i started back with hydrogen
peroxide taken internally this week and everything 
seems to be coming together. sleeping better (tried
all the way up to 50 mg on the melatonin-then went down
to 5 mg after starting the hydrogen peroxide-have had great
improvement at that strength after starting hp! didn't 
before.) clarity of mind, strength is getting better and
better, centerdness, balance ... it's all coming together.


i've felt pretty good the past 6 years with different ups
and downs for various reasons, but not this good. 
can't wait to see how i'm going to feel in 2 years -
the length you said it would probably take to rid of all
the parasite! i don't drink coffee, alcohol, cigarettes, drugs
etc. because i've been on what i thought was God's high...
now i know i was just on his tail!


I can't tell you how much i appreciate what you are
guiding me through by mail and phone. You helped me

more than any doctor. You've changed my life.

i hope to meet you in the future.



Hi Barbara,

I wanted to let everyone know that I came to you in a wheelchair with MS feeling

totally miserable and hopeless. After your treatment, I was able to walk without

the wheelchair and I left your office pushing my wheelchair. I have only had one

treatment with you a year ago, and I am still feeling fine. Had I known earlier

I would have come to you years ago and saved myself a lot of suffering.




Dear Barbara, When I met you my face was so wrinkled it looked like a grotesque mask. I was treated like the

old hag by my co-workers. My boss told me to get some papers for him from the file, and then when I bent down

to get them, he took his foot and pushed me over. I hated life at that time. Then I met you. Even though I had

1,000 deep wrinkles in my face, you told me not to worry, just use the Rose Cream. I used it for a year, and it

has taken away every single wrinkle, and I am gorgeous again. My skin is like a baby's butt!!! People no longer

treat me like the old hag, but treat me with dignity and respect. Is beauty that important?? I now have a husband!

I wish people would see us for what is inside and not what is outside, still I will take being beautiful again.






Dear Barbara,

I contacted you a month ago suffering with cancer in my lip. After using your treatments, Rose Beauty Cream, it is now gone!!! I feel so much better!! I was so scared because the dr wanted to cut off 6 inches of my lip!!!

Thanks, B

my hair is soo nice too!


Ms Frank, Thank you for saving my life. I was told by my doctor that I

had pneumonia for a year. Then they told me I had lung cancer in 4th

stage. They said there was nothing more they could do for me. A friend

told me about you. I did not have the money to pay you, but you gave me

a liquid supplement to drink, one quart, 1/2 oz three times a day.

I noticed after two days that I felt great!  I thought who is this woman?

I finished it and when I went back to the doctors they said my lung cancer

was gone!!! I have been given a new chance to live. Every moment is

precious when you feel you are about to check out. THANK YOU FOREVER!!

for saving my life.  RH 



i forgot to tell you that my hair is growing even
faster than it's norm which is pretty fast,, and it's
so full, soft, and shiny! just started on the retin a,
. 05 yesterday with vitamin e and your rose cream,
and i can feel my skin tightening already. as i told
you i have a very bad burn scar and i started using
it on that also. will keep you updated.
thanks so much. i started with you because of
my energy and sleep and have gotten such a bonus


I am in my eighties and was diagnosed with breast cancer.  There were two
tumors the size  of golf balls. I went to Barbara  Frank as a last resort. I
did not want to have the surgery.  My  family urged me to do as the doctor
recommended, remove the breast,  but I followed my  intuition. The cancer came
It is now the  size of a pea, not hurting me and I am still working on  getting rid of it. Most important I am going to live.   Jess



I came to Barbara with lip cancer 30 days ago. I am 50% better and know I will heal completely. The doctor wanted to cut away my lip. I'm glad I found. Barbara B



"My six year-old daughter suffered with eczema for over six months. Therapeutic baths, doctor's prescriptions, internal medicines, and external creams failed to bring her any noticeable relief from itching and the painful sores that riddled her body. Thanks to the Rose Beautifying Cream, she was cured within two weeks without any relapse over the past five years. I cannot begin to thank you enough!" - Rod from Temple Hills, Maryland



I took my mother who had a stroke in 1999 to Barbara. She revived my mother with her cream and by doing acupressure. My mother came around almost like new. She is now 92 years old and ALIVE! Naomi



My dad had pneumonia. I was sure he was dying. The hospital did not make him better. We took him to her and she performed a miracle in one hour. He became fine. G. 


I used my knee to move something and hurt it. I came with my knee hurting me so badly. It was

swollen and sore. For three days I suffered with it. I went to the hospital and they drew the fluid out of it.

This was extremely painful. The next day the fluid was back. They told me to come back and they would

draw it out again. I decided to go to Lymphology Works since some friends had raved about their success

from going there, though I did not believe them. I went and after one session, the pain was gone, and did

not return. My knee has been fine ever since. I have sent many people there who got amazing results and

I will go there whenever I have a problem. Kofi



I had severe bladder and kidney issues. This woman helped me so much I think she saved my life. I can

drink water now without worrying about peeing on myself. H.



My name is Gloria. I was injured in 1982 and had back surgery and knee surgery in 1990. I had

terrible pain throughout my body and took medication for 18 years, Tylenol Four and Soma. I still felt

pain. I fell a lot, had tremors, vomitting, cramping in my legs as if I had Muscular Dystrophy and fell a lot.

I had pain from head to toe, could barely walk or move, put on or take off my shoes, could do nothing for

myself and had to be taken care of. I moved to a Senior Citizens home for the disabled. My doctor had told me

"Go home, there is nothing more I can do for you."



Then I heard of Lymphology Works. I did not have enough money, but I went anyway after being referred by

someone who had been deathly ill and gotten well. I have had treatments before, but there has never been

anything like what they do. After one treatment, I felt all my strength, felt completely normal, could tie my shoes,

and even dance! It is a miracle from God! I went back to my doctor and he came too! After being an invalid for

18 years, I became instantly well and my medical records will prove it. Grateful, Gloria



I had multiple myleoma. Dr said nothing else he could do and I would die. A friend referred us to Barbara.



Her treatments have helped me to feel better than anything else and I feel completely well. I feel I will heal

completely. B.



Hello Dear Barbara,

Thank you for my beautiful daughter. I had extreme pain from endometriosis and Dr said I needed a hysterectomy which I did not want, and told me that I would never be able to have a child. You helped me cleanse and now I have a beautiful baby girl.  I am so happy and will be grateful to you forever. Pat



Dear Barbara, I had Parkinson's Disease so badly, with stiffness and shaking all the time to the point it was hard to feed myself or function normally. I got on your program and within months I had amazing improvement of my condition. I thank God for finding you. I hope others will benefit from my testimony that's why I'm writing it.  J.



Barbara, I had chronic pain to the point that I felt I would go insane. I could not stand for anyone to touch me and 

sometimes even speak to me. The pain was all consuming and I was at the point of about to have surgery

when a friend told me about you. I felt I had nothing to lose so I came to see you, knowing that I could not allow

you to touch it. Well you touched it and you relieved it and then told me what was causing it so I am, after five

years of unbearable pain, now PAIN FREE. It is unbelievable. I tell everyone about you.  L.


I am writing this letter hoping it will help others like me who had terminal cancer. I had heard about the

cures when I was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer in the first stage. I was 17 years old, pregnant, and I

of course, panicked. This time was the most stressful period of my life. Under my doctor's care, I progressed

from the first stage of Cervical Cancer to the third. I was very pale, bleeding profusely and knew I was dying.

All the time, my mother had been telling me, "Listen to your doctor. Do what he says." Well, he told me not to

go to A Healing Place. Finally, knowing I was going to die if I kept doing what I was doing, I went to A Healing

Place. I was healed of Cervical Cancer in the third stage in 30 days. I cannot express the words to convey

how grateful I am. I would be dead today. My baby was born healthy and I am well. Sandi



I had ms so bad I was falling, incoherent. Someone told me about her. I was unable to work. I went

for a treatment, and two days later was back at work. I stopped falling, stopped being incoherent.

She saved my life. I took my mom who had periferal artery disease. She cleaned out the arteries

and no surgery was needed. Angie



I was dying with breast cancer. I had this knot under my arm and some in my breasts.

They were really bothering me. They started growing. I went for treatment. Many more tumors

were found. I used the medicines that I was given and the tumors started disappearing.

The natural medicines helped me and worked. Shay



I had Rosacea, Barbara said it is a mite. The Rose cream took it away. D.


Suddenly one day I looked in the mirror and there was a bald spot. I told my sister and she

told me about A Healing Place which she said would help me regrow my hair. The hair was

coming out and I had dark circles under my eyes, which I did not like. I got the Rose Cream

and the Herbal Cream and in 1,2,3 my hair was back. It stopped falling out and the wrinkles

on my face and dark circles under my eyes disappeared. Claudette



I had Lupus, weak as a kitten and could not do anything. The doctor told me there was nothing

else he could do for me. I felt the life ebbing out of me. A friend begged me to go to Barbara. I

was reluctant, but too weak and dying to protest. He drove down to Va Beach to get me and

drove me to her. After one session I felt well. After two I bought a new house and continue to

use the products. I am grateful that God sent me to her.



I am in my seventies and heard that A Healing Place got rid of baldness. I was bald and had

been for FORTY years! I told her, no matter whose hair you got back, you will not get mine back.

I rubbed in a tiny amount of the Natural Herb Lotion and in two months, my hair was back fully.

Not only did it come back, it came back better, silkier, thicker than it has ever been. James


I had a stroke and was paralyzed on one side. I do not feel that I would have survived if Rose

Cream, Herb Lotion and ParaCleanse did not exist. They helped me to eliminate pounds of

plaque from my intestines and her cream helped my numbness. Brother Jerry



My hair would not grow. I saw the film about body snatchers and used Natural Herb Lotion to kill the demodex mites that cause baldness. MY HAIR GROWS LIKE NEVER BEFORE. It is now beautiful.C



I had breast cancer. They wanted to remove my breasts, but the products made the cancer come

out of my skin and it went away. E.


This letter is being written because I had a close call with a medical disaster: Ovarian Cancer.

I want to let everyone know how I was brought back by her products and advice. I went from being

a "dishrag" of a person to a vitally healthy and vibrant person again. I have seen millions of mites

and one full worm crawl out of my skin. The doctors said I needed a hysterectomy and other surgeries.

That is why I went. I have lost 30 pounds, the bald spot on top of my head has disappeared and I have

so much energy I often stay up until 5 A.M. I thank God for every minute of every day. Having my life is like a dream come true to me. Christine



I had really bad skin to the point that I did not want anyone to see me. The Rose cream has made it

possible for me to join life again. My skin glows now. M



My child had Alopecia (total hair loss) for 1 year. He says we have been to 60 doctors, but I stopped

counting. We heard Barbara on the radio and the lady said she had people who used her Herbal

Cream to have success with regrowing their hair. On the third day, my son's eyebrows appeared,

then a few days later, peach fuzz appeared on his face and head. This method has worked and I

am telling everyone about it. M.



I have Sickle Cell Anemia and was having episodes where I would become violently ill and then have to be hospitalized every two to three months. My friend insisted I go to Barbara. I did not want to go but he would not leave me alone so I finally went. I have not been hospitalized with an episode since her treatment. My gratitude is indescribable. I have been thanking God that I met this woman.  J.



My husband was partially bald. After being treated with Barbara's solutions and cream, his hair grew

back and is no longer falling out. Also, he had moles and warts on his face. Barbara's creams have

helped to clear up most of the moles and warts. We are still working on clearing up the rest. Corlia



I have experienced leg aches and backaches all my life due probably to surgery at age two.

At ages thirteen - fifteen I had surgery on my left knee which created more pain. The types of

treatments that I had were Hypnotism, Chinese Acupressure and hundreds of massages to

get rid of the pain. Everything was temporary, lasting less than 48 hours. Since going to Barbara,

I experience no leg aches and backaches. Energy level has tripled. At age fifty, I have never felt

better physically. For the first time I can do physical labor, without pain. I attribute this all to Barbara's

advice and products. When I came at first my hair was thinning and all white with a serious receding

hairline. My hairline has improved and the hair is turning back to its original color. The hair is a bonus,

but being without pain is unbelievable. Terry



I came to Barbara with Prostate Cancer. Her treatments have put me in remission and I am back to my life. Mr. TC





How Does It Work Exactly? 




Does it feel like something is slowly stealing away your energy and vitality? Are you exhausted when you come home from work or after minor activities? Do you have minor or major aches and pains, skin problems, thinning hair, overweight, sugar cravings, or chronic pain?


There are things going on that you need to know about that can cause these conditions. According to the “Body Snatchers,” a film by The National Geographic, “Everyone has parasites. Parasites have killed more of us than all the wars in human history. Parasites take our bodies from us”. You will never see a parasite until you start killing them. As a holistic practitioner who has practiced for thirty-five years, I have helped thousands of people get their lives back by killing their parasites. We have all heard that germs and bacteria are everywhere and in everything. That does not mean that we don't have options to fight them as they try to take over our bodies.


My program involves using natural products that are non-toxic to kill parasites, in addition to using different methods to cleanse our foods so that will remove microbes/parasites from them and avoid foodborne and waterborne illnesses. People tell me that within a week of being on my program, they notice that they feel like they are coming out of the twilight zone, which they did not even know they were in until they started coming out of it.


Since signs of aging are often caused by microbes/bacteria, after a few weeks of using my products on the skin, it will become tighter, and wrinkles, acne, freckles and age spots will start to improve. The skin will also take on a healthier glow. Weight will start to fall off, and people even report that they have more energy and clearer thinking than they had in years. I am the best testimonial for this, as I am a very young sixty year old who does not look a day over thirty. 


Our program consists of using The Natural Herbal Lotion all over the body once a month. People report to us that this lotion detoxes their body, though we make no claims for it. The Natural Herbal Lotion is left on from two to eight hours. Then, that night you would shower or bathe with The LymphaCleanse Body Wash. After the shower or bath, The Rose Beauty Cream is applied all over the body.


The products are pure, natural, and created from the finest ingredients. They are tested by an independent lab and certified microbe-free. The lab informed us that products are allowed to have no more than 500 colony-forming microbes in them because no one knows how to get microbes out except by irradiation. However, our cosmetic products are purified using an ancient natural purification process, so you can be assured that you are using pure products on your body.


We use ancient, natural, herbal and homeopathic herbs to help boost the immune system. Many people have reported to us that these products really helped their body, instead of just treating the symptoms of disease. By going after the source of the problem, results are more effective and long lasting. It is important to neutralize and dissolve harmful agents that invariably get into the body from everyday exposure to parasites, pollutants, and irritants. It is equally important to cleanse, nourish, and strengthen the body.


We teach you how to clean your bed and raw foods (your main source of exposure to parasites and microbes). Many of the people who came to us reported effective results, and many claim improvement from debilitating conditions, a reduction in the signs of aging and senility (the condition of becoming senile), and a restoration of energy and vitality, all through this program. Again, we make no claims.


Barbara Frank's focus is on folk remedies, the ancient principles of using foods and herbs to help the body as was done during Biblical times. Miss Frank has a  comprehensive, natural way to deal with parasites. She is the author of “How To Take 10 Years Off Your Face And Add 10 Years To Your Life Naturally,” which is available here on this site through our store. Ms. Frank is located in the DMV area.



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