Our Mission


We strive to spread healing and physical and mental wellness to the world by sharing God and Christ's teachings on herbs, plants, and resins. We embrace the natural, organic sacred oils and herbs from God's earthly pantry to create natural and organic products to help you with: acne, rosacea, disease, skin infections, rashes, pain relief, and other conditions, ailments you are suffering with. We must all stand together and help one another, so sharing these products and these ancient healing herbs with you all is our greatest accomplishment!


Christ healed the sick and promoted wellness by teaching the world the importance of:

  • Anointing the body with essential oils
  • Feeding the body with natural foods and garden and bitter herbs


Song of Songs 4:14

"Nard and saffron, calamus and cinnamon, with every kind of incense tree, with myrrh and aloes and all the finest spices."


A healthy lifestyle that incorporates the use of essential oils, healthy foods, and anointing and massaging the body with oils helps heal the body in a unique way and promotes emotional wellness, balance, enhanced perception that oxygenates and cleanses the body, and teaches self-love and care for one's body and mind.


Sadly, Jesus' ancient teachings have been lost from our modern society today. However, once you start integrating these ancient cleanses into your daily lifestyle, you will discover a new world that looks brighter and is full of so much more potential! A life of wellness is wondrous and it helps you experience life at your full potential!


We hope you will share these teachings with your friends, children, loved ones, and pets!!!!!


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Our Beliefs

We believe in teaching the world natural, ancient, herbal remedies to help people improve their physical and mental wellbeing and to live longer.


Our foundation is based on the study of folk remedies that were taught through our families and were learned from the Bible and from years of studying essential oils, plants, and herbs. 


We believe in giving back to the world by making learning available to everyone and by supporting society's growth through our church and Safety and Help for Women and Daughters.


There are 3 people that help us do all that we do. The most pivotal is our healer and adviser who has saved so many lives and teaches her knowledge of natural healing gained from generations of healers who used herbs and essential oils. This amazing woman is Ms. Barbara Frank: She is an encyclopedia on folk medicine and natural healing. She can teach you the vital information that you need to live your best, most prosperous, vivacious life possible! Much of her teachings can be found in her book. You can purchase her updated book in our store:



The original version of Barbara's book sells for $100 - $3,000 in some countries on bookfinder.com





God has provided us with everything we need on this Earth: Every tree, leaf, piece of soil, and body of water was created to enhance life and create a thriving world. When suffering, we often forget this. However, it is right there next to us in our Bibles.
"Revelation 22:2 - In the midst of the street of it, and on either side of the river, [was there] the tree of life, which bare twelve [manner of] fruits, [and] yielded her fruit every month: and the leaves of the tree [were] for the healing of the nations" (King James Bible Online, 2015).

"Ezekiel 47:12 - And by the river upon the bank thereof, on this side and on that side, shall grow all trees for meat, whose leaf shall not fade, neither shall the fruit thereof be consumed: it shall bring forth new fruit according to his months, because their waters they issued out of the sanctuary: and the fruit thereof shall be for meat, and the leaf thereof for medicine" (King James Bible Online, 2015).



Our body is a miracle in and of itself, and the lymphatic system is a wonderful representation of that; it is one of the most important systems of the body. WHY? Because it interacts with every organ in the body. When the lymphatic system is functioning properly, it acts as a defender against bacteria, disease, infection and viruses. Knowing this, Ms. Frank has created oils to anoint the body as closely as possible to the way it was done in Biblical days in order to purify the body and help promote health and wellness, as well as to promote emotional and spiritual healing and relaxation.
Our aim is to teach the proper, safe use of God's herbs and oils to the world and to provide natural, organic products to help purify and anoint one's body, promote cleanliness, and help heal the mind, body, and spirit. These items help to improve the quality of the skin, while giving a healthy glow and promoting overall physical, mental, and spiritual wellness. You can try any of these items through our store, as well as learn the newest health information on this wonderful blog:
Wellness and Natural Beauty Blog: 
Find Our Products, As Well As Other Skincare and Beauty Products Here:
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We also have a page with testimonials from our members who liked these items and wanted to share with everyone their experiences with using them to cleanse their body.
If you have questions, feel free to call Ms. Frank at:
 barbara_20815@hotmail.com             (301)652-3079 
Remember: Keeping your body clean and focusing on emotional and natural healing brings you closer to the optimal wellness that you always dreamed of. It is important to integrate purifying and cleansing your body and spirit into your lifestyle. Your physical and mental wellness matters to us and everyone has the right to live a long and mobile life!

Toxic & Safe Herbs To Use With Caution

Toxic Herbs


Essential oils:

Bitter Almond

Boldo Leaf


Devil's Claw


Golden Seal

Yellow Camphor


Jaborandi Leaf












Wormseed & Wormwood

If Pregnant, do not use:


Bay Leaf




Clary Sage

Clove Bud


Hyssop not for anyone Epileptic

Juniper Berry






Toxic Herbs:








Henbane- Stinky Nightshade

Lily Of The Valley




Poison Ivy


Blood Purifiers (safe for 7-10 days and no more) :

Black Walnut

Blood Root


Cat's Claw




Golden Seal

Milk Thistle


Oregon Grape Root

Red Clover

Poke Root

Sheep Sorrel

Yellow Dock


Yellow Dock

Natural Body Purifiers Non-Toxic:








Reishi Mushrooms


However, fruits not for cancer


Education and Teachings
We educate our members by providing important information about wellness through our radio podcasts, YouTube Channel videos, and important links to wellness educational sources like the Discovery Channel.
Our YouTube Wellness Videos
1. Wellness videos we made on our YouTube Channel
2. Barbara Frank's product videos on YouTube
3. Barbara Frank's YouTube videos on zoonotic diseases
Discovery Channel has made many videos about what causes diseases, how they are spread, and how to help prevent illness and keep the body whole and well. The series dedicated to this is called Monsters Inside Me. These are the same things that Ms. Frank has been teaching people about for 40 years. Here are a few links to the episodes:
Watch all Monsters Inside Me episodes here on YouTube

Hear Ms. Frank on The Real Truth Universe Teaching The World About Natural Wellness
1. What Is Really Killing Us  February 7, 2014
2. Rubber In Over 500 Breads, Why We Crave Sugar   March 7, 2014
3. Venous Intoxication  Barbara starts speaking at 33:44 minutes  April 10, 2014
4. Barbara On The Real Truth Call II  June 2014  Starts at 52
5. Barbara On The Real Truth Call II   Auto Immune Disorders, July 2014  Starts at 50: https://www.freeconferencecallhd.com/playback/?n=DeFL7/jd6nr
6. Barbara On Higher Truth Radio   August 14, 2014  please note: the opinions expressed here are not Barbara's. She is their guest.
7. Barbara On The Real Truth Call II  October 2014  Preparing The Body For Shocks  Starts at 28 minutes
8. Barbara On Optimumstudygroup.com Topic: How To Survive    October 11, 2014
9. Barbara On The Real Truth Call II  October 2014  Help for High Blood Pressure, Preventing Disease  Starts at 47 minutes
10. Barbara On The Real Truth Call II  October 2014  Dangers of Diagnostic Tests Starts at 32 minutes
11. Barbara Discussed On The Real Truth Call II Dec 8, 2014  Starts at 102 minutes
12. Barbara on The Real Truth Call II January 16, 2015 she starts at 36.11 minutes

13. Barbara on The Real Truth Call II February 20, 2015 she starts at 58:18
14.  Barbara on The Real Truth Call II May 22, 2015
15.   Barbara on The Real Truth Call II August 7, 2015 Speaking On The Dangers Of NSAIDS And Aspirin Starts at 35:15
Man says her protocols saved him in his Third Stage of Pancreatic Cancer. She starts at 32.22 and he starts at 70.49
16.   Barbara on The Real Truth Call II September 18, 2015 Speaking On The Herpes Epidemic That Most People Are Unaware Of Starts at 37:42
17.  Barbara on The Real Truth Call II October 30, 2015  Many People Come On And Say She Saved Their Lives And Made Their Lives Better starts at 42:39        
18.  Barbara on The Real Truth Call II June 30, 2017  Speaking on Our Quest To Be Immortal She starts speaking at 48:47: https://fccdl.in/35ZlRSdHN

19.   Barbara on The Real Truth Call 11 Dec 1, 2017 Speaking on Lectins, Plant Toxins That We Need To Know About. Move the bar to where she starts speaking at 39:07.


First testimonial starts at 1:48:14 Woman says Barbara helped her Hodgkin's Lymphoma: https://fccdl.in/pTM67mBq1


20.   Barbara on The Real Truth Call Jan 19, 2018 Speaking on Dental Dangers We All Need To Know About. A dentist actually came on and said root canals, crowns, dental implants are unsafe. A must hear call: https://fccdl.in/Mbg6suaZ9


21.  Barbara on The Real Truth Universe on Sept 28, 2018 Speaking on Dementia and Depression. Many people called to report physical and mental improvement with Barbara's help: https://fccdl.in/WyXZpWYvKy


 Links To All of Ms. Frank's Blog Talk Radio Wellness Podcasts, except the last two, are currently inactive since Blog Talk Radio has ended. However, we plan to make YouTube videos of them in the future so they will once again be available  
1. Be Aware Of Bad Foods
2. Parkinson's Disease
3. How To Grow Your Hair Naturally
4. Summer Hazards And How To Survive Safely
5. The Dangers of Soy
6. American Foods That Other Countries Won't Touch  March 26, 2014
7. Dangers Of Floride That You Never Knew  April 2, 2014
8. Dangers Of Feedlot (Supermarket) Meats April 9, 2014
9. Conventional Arthritis Treatments Aren't Working
10. What You Have To Know To Survive:  April 11, 2014
11. Fake Foods That People Think Are Real Pt 1.  April 23, 2014
12. Fake Foods That People Think Are Real Pt 2. April 30, 2014
13. The Parasite That Causes Suicide May 7, 2014
14. Whole Foods Market Caves In To Monsanto  May 14, 2014
15. Barbara Talks With National Indoor Mold Society On The Dangers Of Mold May 28, 2014
16. Alternatives For Feeding The Homeless June 4, 2014
17. Did You Know Your Morning Coffee Is Loaded With Pesticides? June 11, 2014
18. The Miracle Of Baking Soda June 18, 2014
19. Omega-Three Fatty Acids Block Eye Disease  June 25, 2014
20. The Benefits Of Activated Charcoal July 2, 2014
21. The Importance Of Copper In Our Diets  July 16, 2014
22. Tapeworm Infections In The Brain Are Occurring More Frequently July 31, 2014
23. Allopathic Medical Student Attacks Dr. Oz  August 6, 2014
24. Scientist Believes Cats Are Making Us Crazy   August 13, 2014
25. Make Your Immune System Strong! August 20, 2014
27. Back To Eden with Gigi Shimon  Feb 4, 2015
28. Parkinson's with Robert Roberts 2013, Barbara Speaking On Helping Parkinson's Patients 
An Extension of Our Church 
Safety and Help for Women and Daughters
Helping To Serve Those Who Have, Or Currently Are, Suffering Abuse
Our church started Safety and Help for Women and Daughters in 2013 for survivors who have suffered abuse or need help getting out of abusive relationships. This nonprofit focuses on educating the people about worldwide important matters such as the war against girls; we provided resources to help victims of domestic violence, such as helping these women find a women's shelter, escape the situation, and get a job and begin a new journey for themselves. We help teach women how to defend themselves; suggest products that will help ensure their safety, and provide information about crime worldwide, such as rape, female genital mutilation, violence against men, child abuse, etc. If you, or someone you know, needs help getting out of an abusive relationship or just wants emotional support, guidance, and knowledge about worldly matters, feel free to follow Safety and Help for Women and Daughter's Facebook page and participate in open discussions related to important abuse issues. Who knows, you might make a world of difference! 



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